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    Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment

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    The first product to combine the natural power of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG®, Silver Honey® Hot Spot & Wound Care is dog wound care that’s tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. Proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately to start healing faster, its revolutionary formula provides long-lasting protection and moisturizes the treatment area. Fast-acting antibiotic-free treatment of hot spots, dermatitis, cuts, abrasions, sores, rashes and lesions.  

    • SAFE: Effective and natural ingredients for rapid healing on all animals, all species
    • PROTECTION: Fast healing and protection from infection
    • ANTIBIOTIC-FREE: Medical-grade ingredients kill 99.9% of germs immediately without the use of antibiotics
    • SOOTHING: Soothes discomfort and helps reduce the desire to bite and scratch
    • ANY WOUND: Hot spots, rashes, itchy skin, redness, cuts, chapped skin, paw irritations, etc.
    • TARGETED APPLICATION: The 2 oz. ointment is ideal for targeted applications and for treating wounds or skin tissue with long-term scabbing.
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    Hot Spot & Wound Care Ointment

    $22.25 USD

    Customer Reviews

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    Mary Geehan

    I have a 12 yr old Newfoundland, she suffers from hot spots especially when the temperature increases.
    I bought this ointment and after two days the hot spot completely disappeared!
    I am now going to invest in the ear treatment and shampoo !

    Corinne Hennessey
    Barleigh's Saving Grace

    It's dog mom's worst nightmare when your pup gets attacked by another dog- but Silver Honey helped make sure my pup's wounds stayed clean until I could get her to the vet. My dog Barleigh got bit by another dog and had a few puncture wounds on her back- really thankful that I had Silver Honey wound care ointment on hand and reached for it right away.
    At the vet, they initially thought that they were going to need to give her anesthesia in order to close up the wounds but turned out that because we got Silver Honey on it right away it kept the wound clean, prevented it from causing an abscess, and jump-started the healing process so they could close it up easily and send us on our way. The vet even took a photo to recommend it to more patients. We'll keep using Silver Honey in conjunction with her other treatment so that she heals well and is back to running around again soon. Safe to say I'll never be without a bottle of Silver Honey ever again!

    Best stuff EVER!!!

    I have a black lab that has really sensitive skin. A few months ago he chewed his tail until it was a raw bloody mess. I picked this up at PetSmart and applied it twice that day. The next day you could see it was already healing! On the third day I didn't need to use it anymore as the wound was almost normal again. I keep a bottle of the spray AND a tube of the cream on hand at all times. I've even used it on myself with the same great outcome. You can't get much better than this stuff. Highly highly recommended