Healing Rescued Elephants with Silver Honey®

Healing Rescued Elephants with Silver Honey®

Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation is a dedicated group of caring individuals who rescue and hand-rear young orphaned elephants in Botswana. Their sanctuary is a safe place for abandoned and orphaned elephants to be cared for until they can be reintroduced into the wild. Many of the elephant babies are found injured and in need of veterinary care and rehabilitation. One donor for Elephant Havens, who is also a vet, recommended Silver Honey® wound care products to the group to help heal wounds and skin issues, and they have been greatly impressed by its healing powers for everything from thorn scratches to major injuries. 

Warning: graphic images and depictions.  

In the Fall of 2021, the group found a young female elephant who, along with her mother, had been shot by poachers. Unfortunately her mother’s wounds were fatal, but they were able to rescue the calf. They found a terrible gaping wound in her trunk that was so large, air was passing through it. The shotgun blast had sent bullets through her trunk into her chest. The vet was able to remove the bullet fragments and they began to use Silver Honey® twice a day on both wound areas. 

Baby elephant Lerumo's trunk just after she had been shot, then one month after treatment with Silver Honey® 

Wound in elephant trunk

In less than one month, the wounds were almost completely closed and the calf was feeling better. Debra Stevens, Co-Founder of Elephant Havens described the results as “miraculous.” Those caring for her can now focus on helping the young elephant heal from the trauma of her experiences so she can learn to trust again and become a close member of their growing herd. She has been named Lerumo, which means bullet in Tswana language.  

“We don’t always have the major injuries like Lerumo’s, but they do tend to play rather hard and get scratches and a thorn or two to show for it. We are grateful that we will have enough Silver Honey to help their skinned knees and more”, stated Debra.  

We at Absorbine® are so impressed by the work that all of the wonderful folks at Elephant Havens do, and are thrilled to hear the healing success stories. We will continue to support them and future young elephants who need help. 

UPDATE: Lerumo is completely healed, with barely a scar on her trunk.Thanks to the folks at Elephant Havens, she has worked through her trauma and is a happy, healthy young elephant who has been integrated with the rest of the herd there!  

Lerumo the elephant's healed trunk
Lerumo the elephant's healed trunk.
UPDATE: Lerumo's story has been featured in People Magazine- 

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