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How To Heal Your Pet’s Hot Spots FAST

Dogs and cats can get hot spots anytime of the year, but hot, humid weather conditions lead to an uptick in these “summer sores.” Hot spots can be itchy, painful, and crop up quite quickly, becoming much larger in a matter of days. No pet parent likes to see their pup suffering, and unfortunately hot spots won’t go away on their own. And, we all know how hard it can be to get your pups into a vet these days. But have no fear—hot spots don’t have to spoil your summer fun. We have a few tips to help hot spots heal as fast as you can say “Silver Honey®!” 

So, what to do if your pet gets a hot spot? Hot spots must be treated in order to heal. Having a plan of action and a few supplies on hand will make all the difference to your pets. 

Step 1: First, trim the hair around the affected area using grooming clippers made for use on pets. This will allow air and any ointments to reach the wound. (Note: The area should not be covered in a bandage. It needs to breathe.) 

Step 2: Clean the wound with a warm compress or give your pet a bath. Be sure to dry your pet off thoroughly following a bath. 

Step 3: Bring on the Silver Honey®. Human medications such as Neosporin should not be used on pets. Silver Honey® was created especially for animals and is the easy and fast-acting way to heal hot spots and other skin conditions. If you can’t get a vet appointment there is no need to wait—start healing today and instantly help your fur baby feel better. Silver Honey® offers rapid, safe healing, powered by Mother Nature, not antibiotics. The best part? Silver Honey® can heal hot spots with just one application a day. 

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Step 4: Keep the area clean and dry. Any dips in the pool or lake must be followed by thoroughly drying off the area. Silver Honey® contains a bittering agent to prevent licking, but if you have a particularly persistent pet, the cone of shame healing is always an option! We also suggest applying Silver Honey® right before an activity like meal time, play time, or a walk. This will keep your pet distracted for at least a few minutes to allow Silver Honey® to get to work on healing. Continue to apply Silver Honey® once a day until the wound is healed. As always, if the area looks especially raw or large, be sure to reach out to your Vet.  

There you have it! Has your pet experienced the healing power of Silver Honey®? 

We’d love to hear about it! 

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