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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Silver Honey®

The reviews are in, and pet parents across the country are loving Silver Honey®! Whether your pet has a hot spot, a scrape or sore, or just itchy skin, our unique blend of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG® combine to form a pet wound care that’s tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. Don’t believe us? See what our happy customers are saying about this must-have product: 

This is a must-have product!!! 


This product is amazing! I was given a puppy who’s tail had been severed (cause unknown) the bone was exposed & there was no skin. Several weeks of sugar wraps & this product, the skin regrew, the wound closed & now the hair is even growing back… I will never be without it & cannot recommend it enough! – Rayetta P., Amazon reviewer 

Only thing that has worked! 


My dog kept scratching her head causing a very large scab that wouldn’t heal. I bought her this and a cone, after using this once she stopped itching and I never had to use the cone. Fast forward to a week of using and the wound is almost completely healed. Thank you so much for saving me a large vet bill! – Karri, Amazon reviewer 

A godsend for my greyhound’s paws 


One of my 3 greyz suffers horribly from itchy paws that no medication helps. He has chewed pads completely off. He has chewed his hocks almost to the bone. I got this out of desperation to help him. This is the only thing that has worked. It healed his open wounds without antibiotics & seemed to help with his itching issues. This made a believer out of me. Well worth the price. – GreytDayze, Amazon reviewer 

Really great, like REALLY great!! 


My senior dog had a wound on her hip/butt cheek area about the size of a quarter and I took her to the vet for it. They gave meds and creams and even had me bring her 3 times for red laser to heal it, which it did, quickly. Fast forward about 2-3 weeks later and it was back. Deep and about the size of a nickel. I saw these reviews and wanted to try to heal her at home instead of the vet trauma on her and the larger bill from it. Sure enough I applied this twice per day and covered it with a bandage and she completely healed in about a week or so. The ultra bonus is the wound has not returned and it’s been weeks. If it should, I will definitely repeat treatment with this and hope for the same results!  - LuxuryLover, Amazon reviewer 



Used this on a puppy who had a huge gaping wound caused be cellulitis. The healing process was phenomenal. – Karri, Amazon reviewer 

First aid kit essential 


Fast healing product, the best I have found so far. I like the fact that it is thick, non-greasy, and stays where you put it. I use it any time my dog gets a sore place on her skin, and it works quickly. A little goes a long way, so a tube should last quite a while. – Susan Morris, Amazon reviewer 

Works very well – happy to recommend! 


Used on our cat that got a serious spider injury where all the skin around the bite came off. After keeping an eye on the would I decided to try this and it works well with her would. Our cat does not lick it off - has agent to keep them from licking. 
Works great so pets don't get secondary infections. Skin is starting to grow back. 
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! BUY THIS! Do not just put anything on pet wounds as it can hurt the tissues around the wound/skin to prevent them from healing up well. WILL DEFINITELY PURCHASE MORE! – Mary, Amazon reviewer 

3 days and my dog’s paw was healed! 


I purchased this because I’ve used a similar item in the past. Silver honey has never let me down and always does the trick. My dog kept licking his paw raw and it seemed like it was going to get infected. I purchased this and some self-adhering wrap and wrapped his paw for 3 days with a good amount of silver honey and he was healed. There is plenty left over for me to use if something happens again. – Kaylee D., Amazon reviewer 

Pretty effective 


It has only been about 5 days since we started using this product on my German Shepard. In 6 months the vet couldn't produce the healing I have already witnessed from this product. – Df, Amazon reviewer 

1000000% recommend!!! 


Honestly if you own a dog this is a must have. My dog had a large bump that kept breaking open any time he scratched it or played with the other dogs. Tried numerous other ways to heal it for a few weeks, but after only a few days of using this cream it was healed and the bump it almost non-existent now. – Jessica Fisher, Amazon reviewer 

This stuff works! 


Our dog had been bitten by what we are guessing was a pack of raccoons. It very quickly became very infected. My son could not afford a vet because he was out of work. They wanted over $200 just to look at his dog. I saw this on Amazon and bought it for him. Cleaning the wounds with very warm water and then spraying this on 3x a day. She was cured in 4 days! no open wounds no puss! This stuff is a miracle. – Marly, Amazon reviewer 



I got this for our Yorkie who has some old man bumps that sometimes get scratched or nicked by the groomer. One application makes a noticeable difference! Product helps him to heal fast and I love that it is natural. – Justin Klarich, Amazon reviewer 

So stock up on some Silver Honey™ Hot Spot & Wound Care today, and make sure to leave a review of your own! 

MicroSilver BG® is a registered trademark of Bio-Gate AG 

This article is for informational purposes only. Please always discuss any health concerns with your vet. 

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