Silver Honey® and a Tricky Stifle Wound

Silver Honey® and a Tricky Stifle Wound

When caring for a wounded horse, you just want your partner to heal up quickly. You also need the wound to heal correctly, so it is as close to “nothing ever happened” as possible. This is why Absorbine® developed the amazing Silver Honey® Rapid Wound Repair products! The magic lies in the MicroSilver BG® (special silver that stays put where it’s needed) and genuine medical-grade Manuka honey from New Zealand. But don’t take our word for it. Here is a real-life case from 5-Star eventer and Team Absorbine® rider, the one and only Sinead Halpin! 

Sinead: We recently had the unfortunate challenge of dealing with a tricky stifle wound following Red Hills International Horse Trials in early March. Stifle injuries can always be cumbersome due to the difficulty in icing them, the inability to wrap them, and the movement involved in the joint which causes a wound in that area to re-open easily. 

Luckily for us, and for our lovely two-star horse, we had some of Absorbine®’s Silver Honey® Rapid Wound Repair on hand, which has become a staple in our medical kit! As you can see from the photos, the healing process of this stifle injury was quick and measurable. 

skin wound, day 1, 2 and 3

Our super groom, Jess Allanson, iced the injury several times during the first 24 hours, and then began applying the Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair 48 hours after the injury happened, applying it twice daily, and making sure to keep the stifle area clean by washing it with gentle soap and water once a day. 

Jess continued applying this wonderful product twice a day for 12 days, and as the photos clearly show, the progress in the healing of the wound was unprecedented. After dealing with many stifle injuries throughout my career, I must say that this has been one of the easiest ones in terms of recovery time. 

We use Absorbine®’s Silver Honey® Rapid Wound Repair on most all of our horses’ scrapes and cuts, and the benefits have been phenomenal. As a bonus, it smells great and it comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. We are true believers in this product and would absolutely recommend adding it to your medical kit! 

horse and woman holding Silver Honey wound care

–Sinead Halpin 

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