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First Aid For Pets - Being Prepared

We love that our pets can be fearless, energetic and adventurous. But as pet parents, we know they can also be clumsy and accident-prone, and their activities will eventually lead to injuries, cuts, and boo-boo’s. And when minor mishaps happen, it’s Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad at home who are the first to respond. Our pets rely on us to help them feel better and heal quickly.

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We can do our best to keep them safe and protected.  Keeping dogs leashed on walks, avoiding dangerous environments, preventing our pets from ingesting harmful substances, and being aware of extreme temperature hazards all are important steps to minimize risks. Yet even with the best of intentions, accidents happen.

Some of the most common injuries for pets of all kinds include cuts, abrasions, rashes, irritations, hot spots, sores and burns. Clearly for any serious injury or wound, a trip to the Vet is imperative.  But many more minor issues can be easily treated at home.  The key of course is preparation. Just like we keep first aid items at home for the humans, doing some preparation work to build a pet first aid kit can save the anxiety and stress of a quick trip to the pet store or pharmacy, and start the healing process faster.

Helpful tools to have on hand include an animal styptic pen or powder to stop bleeding, cleaning wipes, rubber gloves, a small towel, bandages, medical wrap, round-tipped scissors, a small comb, and a natural ointment or spray wound care like Silver Honey® Hot Spot and Wound Care.

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Perfect for rapid relief and quick healing, Silver Honey® is made with medical-grade MicroSilver BG® and Manuka Honey, and is available in an ointment or spray gel. It stops 99.9% of bacteria immediately while moisturizing the area and protecting the skin’s natural microbiome and speed healing.  The ointment comes in a 2-ounce tube which is great to take traveling, and the spray gel is an excellent touchless option for larger injury areas.  Both products reduce the urge to bite and scratch so the wound can heal more easily. 

It is helpful to keep your pet first aid kit in a portable carry bag so you can take it with you while traveling and for various outdoor adventures as well as keeping it handy at home for those indoor accidents that just leave you shaking your head.  By taking a few easy steps in gathering first aid materials for your loveable pets, you can be prepared for whatever comes your way --  no matter whether your Shepherd gets a cut paw from climbing rocks on a hiking trip, your Persian earns a new scratch after missing a high perch leap, or your water-loving lab obtains a nasty hot spot. 

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We can’t wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them protected – but we can be there when they need us with the right tools at the ready. 

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