German shepherd standing in a stream

Water Safety Tips for Healthy Summer Fun

To ensure that the fun continues, just like with humans, it is important to keep in mind some water safety tips for your dogs.   
person's hand combing through a dog's fur for Silver Honey Tick Removal Blog

Tackling Ticks: Identification, Removal & Treatment

Experts warn that 2023 is an above-average year for tick activity, thanks in part to a mild winter in many areas of the U.S. In this blog post, we'll provide information to help identify tick species, check your animal for ticks, safely remove them and detect any symptoms of tick-borne diseases. 
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Why You Should Switch to Non-Antibiotic Treatments for Your Pets

If you’ve ever thought of reaching for that handy tube of triple antibiotic cream from your medicine cabinet at the first sign of a cut, scratch, or hot spot on your fur baby… you might want to think again! While topical ointments created for humans certainly have their place in the healing process for us non-furry beings, let’s face it—it’s not the best option for Fido. 
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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Silver Honey®

The reviews are in, and pet parents across the country are loving Silver Honey®! Whether your pet has a hot spot, a scrape or sore, or just itchy skin, our unique blend of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG® combine to form a pet wound care that’s tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. Don’t believe us? See what our happy customers are saying about this must-have product: 
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What’s In Silver Honey® and How Does It Work?

We sure love our Silver Honey®. This fast-acting, rapid-healing ointment for animals works so well, you might be wondering, what exactly is in our ointment that makes it work so well? Good question! We’ll share all of the details on how this gentle yet effective treatment heals skin infections and wounds. 
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How To Heal Your Pet’s Hot Spots FAST

Dogs and cats can get hot spots anytime of the year, but hot, humid weather conditions lead to an uptick in these “summer sores.” Hot spots can be itchy, painful, and crop up quite quickly, becoming much larger in a matter of days. But have no fear—hot spots don’t have to spoil your summer fun. We have a few tips to help hot spots heal as fast as you can say “Silver Honey®!”