Itchy Skin Relief for Animals of All Sizes

Itchy Skin Relief for Animals of All Sizes

Pet owners know the stress of seeing their beloved animals suffering from wounds, rashes or lesions. Cats, dogs, birds, horses and even rodents can develop worrisome sores that need to heal quickly. If left untreated, scrapes and skin conditions can often escalate, requiring vet visits and antibiotic treatments. This may not always be necessary.   

Years of vet-driven research enabled the W.F. Young team to develop a natural product with medical-grade ingredients that provides multiple antibacterial components to quickly heal your pets. While skin conditions are the most common health issue for animals, Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care empowers pet parents to treat their animals in the comfort of their own home and offers instant relief.   

When can you use Silver Honey?  

Silver Honey Wound Care is the ultimate treatment for your pets. Not only does it treat skin ailments and prevent infections, its soothing ingredients calm the skin and provide your animals with relief and is safe and effective to use on any animal, not just dogs and cats. Possible applications include:   

  • Taking down the size of a bug bite and preventing bacteria from causing secondary issues  
  • Soothing cracked paws  
  • Healing bumblefoot in chickens  
  • Treating nose wounds on guinea pigs  
  • Healing viral and fungal infections on bird claws   
  • Treating dermatitis and skin rashes on goats 

What makes the treatment effective?  

A recent study demonstrated that 97.8% of the bacteria that most frequently causes skin infections is resistant to multiple antibiotics commonly used in veterinary medicine. Our formula is the first to combine the natural healing agents of Manuka Honey and medical-grade MicroSilver BG®1 without the use of steroids or harmful antibiotics.   

We use Manuka Honey, which not only acts as an antiseptic but dehydrates and inhibits bacterial growth to provide a balanced environment for wounds to heal. Medical-grade MicroSilver BG® acts to kill bacteria, has anti-inflammatory effects and stays on the skin’s surface to act as a protective barrier. Together, these two ingredients work to stop 99.9% of bacteria with natural antimicrobial power and quickly help to heal skin conditions. has anti-inflammatory effects and stays on the skin’s surface to act as a protective barrier. Together, these two ingredients work to stop 99.9% of bacteria with natural antimicrobial power and quickly help to heal skin conditions.  

How to use Silver Honey  

We recommend avoiding any placement of Silver Honey where animals may ingest the product such as lip folds or eyes. Application tips include:  

  • Apply once a day to a clean area, being sure to extend beyond the edges of the wound for full coverage 
  • Silver Honey includes a bittering agent to deter licking, but we know some pets can be persistent. Apply before an activity so your pet is distracted allowing the product a chance to start healing right away 
  • A little goes a long way, especially with the ointment  
  • For long haired animals (feathers, thick coats, long coats) clip the hair - it’ll grow back!   
  • For serious wounds consult a veterinarian and discuss follow-up treatment with Silver Honey  

Universal relief for your animal  

While pet parents aren’t always able to prevent sores, they can feel prepared and knowledgeable when skin rashes, minor cuts and wounds appear on outdoor and indoor animals. Learn more about Silver Honey products, or contact us with any additional questions.  

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